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Please do not go here.

By: tp42562598 | July 20, 2017

I recently bought a dining table set with the expectation that it HAD to be delivered on a particular day. However, on the promised day of delivery they told me that the glass table top was broken and it was their LAST piece in stock, so I rushed and bought a dining table from a different store. AFTER I had bought one, the store tells me that they had another one in stock and they've sent it out for delivery?! I mean how ridiculous is that?? How can you send something out for delivery without confirming a date a time with the customer? All I want is a refund, because they didn't deliver the dining table on the day I wanted it, thus i'm entitled to a refund. They refuse to give me back my refund, and they're really good and coming up with lies and delaying it as much as possible.
The manager, Karan, seems to be a coward-I've been trying to contact him, but seems he is constantly "sick" aka avoiding to talk to me.
Having said that, I've already...


Vanaik Furniture & Mattress

2915 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON

category: Beds & Mattresses - Retailers

? Service Department

By: CinS | July 13, 2017

This is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. What a joke calling it the gold star warranty. It took them 9 days to send a technician to fix our month old refrigerator. To me a fridge is a necessity. We lost all of our food. Every representative I spoke with had a condescending attitude, in addition to being rude. They did not care about any problem I had.
They day that the tech was finally suppose to I called to confirm. She apparently spoke with the tech and we were a go. After 5 I called again wondering where they were. I was told that the tech called me and I said that it was not a good time. I was so angry and incensed with this disgusting lack of service. I stated that I never spoke with a tech that she was obviously lying. She then became angry and called me a liar. She confirmed my telephone number which was not even close. She then had the audacity to blame me for giving them the wrong number. Meanwhile they called us to book the service...


Exceptional Service

By: Connie | May 3, 2017

We returned to this store, after having bought a fantastic dining table over 14 years ago, a table that we continue to love and get compliments about. That table was delivered 2 hours north of the city, in a horrible snowstorm. The delivery people arrived at 10pm, determined to get us our table despite the obstacles. This was exceptional service which went way beyond our expectations.
We recently returned to purchase a custom made upholstered bed, based upon a picture we had seen of what we thought was the bed we wanted. Patrick, in his unassuming way, assisted us in taking what we had in mind and making it even better and more striking. He knew exactly what we wanted. It looks fantastic. Patrick accommodated a quick turnaround when he heard we had visitors from overseas coming. Again, the delivery people are to be commended for their care and courtesy, this time the delivery being in Toronto. We are most impressed by the service we received from Patrick and his employees and his willingness to listen to our wishes and create something which exceeds it. That is rare in the service industry today.

Horrible Customer Service-...

By: ucolus123 | May 1, 2017

I bought a Coffe table. It was missing parts and have some other issues as well. I talked with customer service about that. They didn't give me the satisfied answer and said talk with their service dept. They don't know how to deal with the customer at all.
I suggest never buy anything from this Lastmen's Bad boy store in Burlington Their service is ridiculous.

This companies sale staff lie to you...

By: bbmiller62 | April 22, 2017

I bought a mattress from this company and I asked the salesmen should I have a issue how the warranty process work. He just told me that you just call and customer service will exchange it without any question. I asked directly don't someone have to inspect the problem. He said no they will just replace it no question. Now I called their customer service and informed them that I have a noisy and my mattress is drooping on one side after I bought it. They tell me that they will send me 2 forms which I have to fill in and take pictures what a crap service that is not what I was told by the salesman when I bought this crappy mattress. All their salesmen lie and when you call customer service they are the most biggest fools I have ever dealt with before. If this company was truthful in the beginning and explained the warranty process when I first asked them I would have not bought this crap product. They are misleading customers and I am going to call Industry Canada and complain...



7216 Boul Newman Lasalle, QC

category: Beds & Mattresses - Retailers

Extended Warranty

By: non-member | March 22, 2017

I purchase a extended warranty to my washer, dryer, fridge, stove, dishwasher and my dining room set. I bought the warranty each of the appliance which cost me $600. Sales representative said if we dont use the warranty we can get a store credit after 5 years. I went to claim it because i have not use any of my warranty at least i can get a store credit they said it expires coz after 5 years u only have 90 days to claim it. This is fraud, so i recommend not to go to this store and do not buy extended warranty useless, if u have a protection plan to enbridge or reliance its better coz it covered the appliances in case it broke down.

Defective Mattress

By: maryelle | March 17, 2017

Do NOT waste your money here!
tl;dr: bought two exact same mattresses from different Bad Boy stores, one turned out defective and after numerous back and forth communication between this store and emails to head office we got nothing out of it. Had to spend another grand at The Brick to get a proper mattress because this brand new one we got from Bad Boy was defective and they wouldn't do anything about it.

My family and I recently bought two Samantha Euro Top Double Mattresses from Lastman's Bad Boy. One was purchased at the beginning of November 2016 at the Brampton location. My parents were very happy with the mattress, so we decided to buy another for myself. We purchased the exact same mattress but at the Mississauga location (1970 Dundas St. E) near the end of November.

The second mattress which had only been a month old at the time of this occurrence had a huge sinking hole right around the middle area and is only slept on by ONE person (me)....


Warning the manager of Bad Boy...

By: luck2015 | March 2, 2017

This is only a warning for now. We just wanna cancel the bedroom set, which is 1 of 3 items only.
We ordered on Feb 27 and requested to cancel just one day after and not yet picked up anything.
We now hold to disclose the details including story and names, and see how your store will solve the issue, then to consider the further proceedings.
Just a kind reminder - Nowadays the information speads so fast and broad beyond your imagination. Do not for a small bulks to ruin your business image and your personal reputation. Remember, there are many other channels to post or complain for consumer protection.

Manufacturing Defect..No Customer...

By: non-member | February 24, 2017

I recently purchased a dinning room table and chairs. The table and chairs were nice, however the leaf for the table had a bulge in it and didn't fit well with the table. The stain didn't adhere to the leaf where the bulge was and the veneer on the edge of the table was lifting off. It looks like there were moisture issues during manufacturing.
I made a complaint on-line with the brick and I got an automated response January 23, 2017 from the Brick that they would contact me within 2 business day and I got no response.
I made a second on-line complaint February 1, 2017, and the brick responded February 4, 2017 that they received my complaint and would try and respond within 2 business days and as of February 24, 2017, I have received no response from the Brick. I will never shop at The Brick again!


By: tsoil | December 13, 2016

I purchased mattresses at the Finch location in 2015. The first time they came they were damaged. The second time they came they were too high. The sales person did not ask which height we wanted and we did not know they came in different heights. When I called the sales personal who sold me the mattress, he did not bother returning my call. HE GOT THE MONEY so why bother himself.
I had to go to this location 3 times. When I went the third time I met a different sales person who offer me the same set for a much lower price. I contact the store manager, who told me he would not give me back the difference because, as he said "I CAN DO WHAT EVER I WANT"
When I explained the mattress were too high he charged me a re stocking fee and a delivery fee again.
I told him that is not the way to serve customers and he should think about customer service he said " I DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE, I DO AS I...



By: non-member | November 18, 2016

I purchased 4 appliances just a little over a year ago, one of the appliances was a GE stove. When i used the self cleaning option the paint in the oven chipped. When i called Bad Boy's they said that they can not do anything as that is considered cosmetic,(they failed to tell me that information when I purchased the warranty) and she did not even try to help me, she had no interest in helping me. She just told me to call the manufacture and maybe they can help me, to get me off the phone. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.....

Sectional disintegration

By: Frankybob | November 6, 2016

We bought a sectional, paid close to 2000$ for it, within two months the part of the sectional with the lay down part, well I sat on it and it broke. I am only 180 pounds, anyways also within two months the cushion for the same part , the springs inside all started to shift to the same spot , now one year later it looks worse than a couch we had at our parents home that we had for thirty years with the whole family using it!!! And this sectional only I and my wife use itand she is only 110 pounds! And a little more info on my family, my mother was 300, brother 180, I 180, sister was 150, father 180, uncle 220, aunt 150, and on and on and on!!! I am not bothering even calling them again , Calle r once was told I would get a call back, now it's on them to fix this and if they don't I really don't care. Final note, after looking at how this couch was made I am surprised they make garbage like this , the wood they use to frame it maybe half an inch thick, how they fix or...