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Worst experience ever

By: ray57fry | June 8, 2018

My 84 year old mother and 63 year old sister went to the store to by a 65 inch tv they were met by the pushiest sales forever pushing the 3 year warranty 30 dollar hdmi cord really tried for sound bar totally overwhelmed and instant regret open box to find damage screen after trying for a few times with store staff with zero help then dealing with the offshore warranty company for two months lawman I guess did her a favor and gave a store credit so she could buy a tv for twice the price and of course more money for warranty tv was not in stock called back there are no more to be had but wait two days later they found one in Lancaster store so ate but tv arrives after being told numerous times it is a new tv comes in retaped box no screws for feet not even a book and a five inch crack in screen contact store to be told its over 3 days it's a waranty thing so here we go again absolutely the worst shopping experience ever and it is far from over im sure dealing with these people i will keep you updated on the nightmare that is lastmans Kitchener out right thieves the only reason I have them a half star is because you can't give them zero

Prompt , Courteous Service at a Fair...

By: Dale | May 18, 2018

Three years ago I bought a durable, made-to-order mattress for my handicapped son, and it has stood up much better than many commercial ones he has had. Sleep Boutique's solution was just what my son needed. After a few years it developed a tear, which Sleep Boutique fixed for a fair price, and when the tear came loose they quickly fixed it extra strong - for free! Notable at Sleep Boutique is that you do NOT get greeted with the "guilty til proven innocent" attitude you might encounter when seeking warranty help at other stores. Colin listened respectfully and responded swiftly with a solution. April was also so professional and helpful when I brought in the mattress. I will definitely return to Sleep Boutique and highly recommend them.

Sleep Boutique

5010 1 St SE Calgary, AB

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Excellent quality

By: robmartin12 | May 15, 2018

I would recommend their brands for their high quality while maintaining a sane, affordable price point. We got their simple twin over twin for our kids' room and I am not exaggerating when I say that it is the best quality of kids' furniture that one could get at the price I got it for. Excellent product and a wonderful shopping experience.

Maine Bunk Beds

355 Joy Valley Rd Buxton, ME

category: Beds & Mattresses - Manufacturers

Mattress set sale

By: Carlos Miranda | May 13, 2018

Tina, was our sales associate on a mattress set.
WE had a great experience with Tina and felt very comfortable at all times.
Being on a wheelchair, it was very important to find a mattress to fit my needs, including the total height of mattresses and metal frame to be the same height of my wheelchair to make it easier to transfer.

I made a big mistake on the mattress size and Tina went out of her way to fix my mistake and still kept the promised date delivery.

Thanks so much Tina, warehouse and delivery people.
We Strongly Recomend The Brick
Thank you, CC

thanks was going to buy 2 of them not...

By: beau1940 | March 9, 2018

sounds to me like they are a bad manufacture of beds how do they stay in business with all the bad reviews. where i was going to buy they told me they were the best in canada not good cant take a chancem the good reviews i see i can tell they are from inside to flowerie

Dream Star Bedding

375-387 Limestone Crescent Toronto, ON

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customer service on extended warranty

By: tahir3171 | January 30, 2018

very bad customer its been few months I been trying to resolve my probled sent email with pictures of ripped sofa have not heard back
nobody wants to help
went to scarborough location of Lawrence and kennedy spoke with Mellissa very disappointed the way she treated me she was answering to every single question that this is the head office policy
very very disaapointed

Worst experience in customer service

By: ahtandonkodebreak | January 20, 2018

If it was possible, I would have given this place 0 stars. The worst customer service ever. They said that they will deliver the furniture between 10th and 15th Jan. When we called on 17th they said that they had been trying to call me on my cell 10s of times. False claim, because I never got a call from them while I kept receiving calls from everyone else. Then they said that they will deliver the stuff (queen size bed) on 19th Jan between 5 PM and 8 PM. The delivery truck came at 11.30 PM. With a wrong mattress. When my wife went to the shop today to check ask when will the correct mattress come, Sunny started bad-mouthing and spoke very unprofessionally and disrespectfully. Same treatment was given to my parents also who were accompanying my wife. When I called 15 minutes after, he said unrepeatable things about my family and started badmouthing me too. I know that mistakes do happen in business. But disrespecting your customers will never take you anywhere. I suggest people keep away from this place. You can get the same furniture from anywhere else. If you want to avoid having a bad experience then avoid this place.

Vanaik Furniture & Mattress

2915 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON

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Bonded Leather Sofa Set

By: non-member | January 8, 2018

Bonded Leather Sofa Set
After 3 years of light use by two adults, the set had cracked and peeled badly. After the misrepresentations by the sales clerk, 3 years prior, I lodged a complaint with the warranty program and the head office. This was a waste of time. No one would offer any compensation. I strongly considered filing a statement of claim in Small Claims Court against Lastman's Bad Boy, but did not follow through as I am busy and did not want to throw more time and money at this cause. Fortunately, I met Mr. George Salter, the manager of the Burlington store. During my complaint process, he asked me to visit the store and stated he would make the situation satisfactory to me on the purchase of a new set. We stopped in to meet George and walked away feeling that he was indeed sympathetic to our situation and would assist us where he could. Last week, some 4 months after first meeting George, we returned to see him and successfully purchased a new sofa set in fabric...


Extortionate Overcharging on Shipping

By: GregS | December 17, 2017

The worst online seller I have ever dealt with. Beware of extortionate overcharging on international shipping. Duvet shipping quoted at $400 for $1400 duvet. I found other quotes up to half the cost. Bettenhaus refused to sell me a duvet unless I paid their shipping costs at double the going rate. I was not permitted to even buy the duvet and have someone collect it on my behalf! I had to buy with their overpriced shipping or not at all. If you do buy and pay their shipping cost at extortionate rates can you trust such a company to honour returns or product claims? Beware of Bettenhaus. Buy from someone who is honourable and honest and trustworthy.

Bettenhaus Canada

2393 Bloor St W Toronto, ON

category: Beds & Mattresses - Retailers

Great Customer Service by Harjeet kaur

By: Vinsun1955 | November 16, 2017

I Purchased 6 Dining Chairs Tuxedo brand in Sep 2017 and were promised delivery on 3rd October 2017. Wen I went to pick up the chairs on the 5th or so, I was informed by a very sweet CS agent by the name of Ms Harjeet Kaur that the chairs will now be delivered to them on the 6th of November by the suppklier. Naturally I was infuriated since I had paid for the chairs upfront and wanted to cancel my order since there was no reason to delay them. She took up my complaint and the case to her Manager instantly and very professionally handled me (in that anger mode). She also explained to me the great quality of the chairs that I was buying and assured me that Brick will look after me to make sure that I am put to no more inconvenience. There was another gentleman next to me who had the same complaint and was almost not paid heed to by another agent who handled him. However, Harjeet handled my case professionally as well as followed up the supply of my chairs right till the end, I e today when I picked up the beautiful chairs finally. It is due to polite and understanding Sales people like Harjeet that I understood their problem and Brick did not lose me as a customer. Keep up the great work Harjeet. Well done.

Would never shop here again!

By: rondalyn | October 28, 2017

Purchased a bed from this location in early October. The salesman, Pavel Garbuzov, told us he had a bed that was only used for staging at show homes in Edmonton and cut the price by $1000. He assured us it had never been used to sleep on. The bed arrived a week ago and was most certainly a used bed as it already has body compression marks in the bed. This place is a rip off. He acted like he was doing us a favour when he knew he was ripping us off and lying to us. Avoid this store.

Sleep Country

9929 170th Street NW Edmonton, AB

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