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Friendly & very committed customer...

By: Wasimsyed07 | September 14, 2016

I purchased my whole bedroom set from vanaik furniture argentia road , mississauga store. I really had a very excellent experience of purchasing my choice of furnitures their. Their price of Ashley furnitures is uncomparable with the rest of the Ashley retailers in GTA. It made me feel that i am buying an ecxellent brand in my own suited budget which is quite amazing. The staff are so flexible in deal making that there idea is not to leave any customer unhappy. I strongly recommend everyone who is shopping around for furniture must visit Vanaik Furniture , Argentia store at the end atleast once to buy quality & branded furniture at an unbelievable price.

Vanaik Furniture & Mattress

2915 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON

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Bad Customer Service

By: kingclubs | August 30, 2016

I am in Hamilton and drove to the Mississauga (Superstore) because a TV was on sale (sales person knew I came from Hamilton). When I got there I found out that all TVs in Ontario were sold out and the floor model was all that was left. So I asked what further discount would I get for that (considering the fact that every other floor model TV was reduced) when I was told nothing (to my surprise). So I asked to speak with the Mgr (Gagan Singh) and he would not even come to me and sent another sales person who said the exact same thing. This TV is already reduced to sell and we "cant" give any further discount . Why should a customer pay the exact same price for a used TV that every other customer got brand new, although this may not be illegal this is very unethical. Even if a further reduction means they lose money on the TV in the interest of good customer service/good will/building relationships/future business/referrals this may have been the time to do that. No gesture...


lies , defective matress and hiding...

By: penzogritty | August 27, 2016

I am currently going through the process of returning a kings down matress that we paid 1600$ for orginally. We bought the matress from the decarie location of Dormez vous from a Tony zambino. First Mr. Zambito lied through his teeth about several things ,first we wanted to finance the bed to which we were told the credit check wouldn't actually touch our line of credit , that is a lie . That financing is free , when in actuality there is a 21 or 25$ fee for the financing. If the two lies wernt enough he ran through the process of number crunching where the seller acts like he's giving you a fantastic deal , jots down a bunch of numbers and basically just confuses you so you think your getting a good deal , it's all just a scam .why? Because if they do in fact lower the price of the matress , good luck getting a fair trade in when your matress needs to be returned or exchanged , it means you'll be paying out of pocket when that time come , such was the case with...



7216 Boul Newman Lasalle, QC

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Highly recommended!!

By: KennyDeboer | July 10, 2016

I'm on my second sofa from them. They have worked with me every time and I have always found many things I liked. They had many great pieces that appeal to my "modern" aesthetic. Compared to furniture from the big guys this place is a breath of fresh air. I feel their quality is better, more comfortable and better looking at GH Johnson. They've even helped me get a customized sofa to fit a smaller space.

Last Furniture from Lastman's Bad...

By: Zakaislam | July 7, 2016

I bought sofa and love seat for $1300, and warranty was sugar coated to me, and now off course as usually though Bay boy is the one who sold the warranty, they are not the one who service it, so they can not do anything about it. Who I bought the sofa from? Bad boy..Where was I standing when I made the purchase... bad why do I give a damn who service it. To me there was two party involved when , me as buyer, and Bad boy as business, no 3rd party and that is end of it.

Secondly, now this sugar coated warranted does not cover my furniture, now that it is falling apart, which by the way is getting worst day by day. I would not recommend anyone buying warranty because in my experience it did not cover anything, plus all the run around since april, we are in July now. Additionally sofa should not rip and have fabric coming off ever, this is sign of cheap material and bad quality furniture.
So I was sold crap furniture, overly charged for junk , and on top pushed on warranty, followed by run around.
Who’s worst Than Bad Boy? NOOOBODY!'

Money grabbers!

By: marko357 | June 17, 2016

I had awful experience with the Brick, they set me up some payment protection program and i didn't want that, all what I wanted is extra warranty for my furniture. After I paid of my furniture they charged me extra 300$ for that payment protection plan, they said i sign for that payment protection program and the worker who was serving me at that time didn't even mention anything about that, i thought I was buying only extra warranty but not, they set me up to pay extra money...I would not recommend that people buy from the Brick, be careful people and don't buy from Brick, they are money grabbers!

Sleep countrt the WORST

By: mohammadusman336 | June 7, 2016

I just bought a matress 3 weeks ago I went for comfort exchange prog thay came and said that there is a stain on it which they never mentioned earlier I have put 2 sheets on it and the stain side was also towards wall so how come it came. I already paid for the comfort exchange and now they want me to pay again and call the cleaner and want to pay them too. And also they delivered me the box spring with two holes on it and now they are not exchanging it. It's fucking expensive and the return policy is zeeooooooo. I have a back prob and now they have left me to sleep on it for years

Sleep Country Canada

140 Wendell Ave North York, ON

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Do not buy

By: rboydsmith | June 7, 2016

We like a firm mattress. Our queen size Springwall Lunar Natural HP Euro Posture foam mattress felt good when we bought it. After 2 months we noticed sagging on both sides. By 4 months we began having back aches and stopped using it. We notified the store and manufacturer. They sent a rep who measured the mattress sag without any weight on it. According to their standards it was acceptable. What a joke.

Springwall Chiropractic

1850 Spall Rd #101 Kelowna, BC

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By: savvyshopper16 | June 6, 2016

Purchased a Simmons B/R World Class king size mattress set. Owned it 6 days - noticed body indentations and lumps developing. Contacted dealer, waited a month for rep to examine. Threads across top of mattress not attached. In order to sleep on this mattress (now 9 weeks later) one MUST find the specific shoulder, torso, humps and lumps and position one's self in that specific area. Purchased king sized mattress hoping to take advantage of full mattress area - NOT A CHANCE ! We are now sleeping on lumps and hollows. Forget trying to sleep in center - that is just a mounds that you will just roll off. We are now sleeping on 2 "twin beds" that are quickly becoming "hammocks". Letter in mail another month later from Simmons states - "it conforms to our standards of quality". Note to self: Steer clear of Simmons and the "quality". Simmons also states " the layers of the mattress will soften slightly as the mattress gets older". Pretty scary to wonder what it will become "as it gets older". Looks like we will be seeking out Better Business Bureau !

Simmons Canada Inc

17400 Rte Trans-Canada Kirkland, QC

category: Beds & Mattresses - Manufacturers

worst place to get furniture

By: anatkot14 | May 29, 2016

Management is very rude and unhelpful. They refused to give us a large sum of money back and the "gifts" they said were free were actually counted in the charge. They are extremely deceiving and I will not be returning. Also, most of their furniture is horrible quality.

Flip mattress

By: Audreygleadow | May 28, 2016

Hi just purchased one. No one has made a bad review on the Marshall mattress which means it must be good. People get online if the product is bad. I think from what I have seen out there to purchase the Marshall comes up a #1 winner. I have not slept on one yet. However if it is not good you will gear from me online. I expect it will be perfect and better Tha Serta or sealy. I am excited to sleep on a Marshall.

Marshall Mattress CO Ltd

83 Bakersfield St North York, ON

category: Beds & Mattresses - Retailers

Promises promises

By: Psuenewell | May 9, 2016

My husband and I bought a couch set April of 2015. It started sagging and I called the store while it was still under 1 year warranty. I was told I would hear from someone within 48 hours well it's May and I have called 6 times and still nothing.

Waste of time

By: acidpork | April 28, 2016

Here is the story:
I came there with intention to spend around 3K on appliances and TV. My girlfriend wanted to buy furniture for 2K. So in total we were ready to spend 5K (before tax) - not to bad commissions in one day for one salesperson.

The guy on a floor told us that on 28th of April 2016 (see the attached screenshot) The Brick has "amazing VIP PRIVATE sale" and in order to get a good deals he recommends us to pre-register for this event (it's mandatory for participation). So we did. The guy told us to come one day earlier to select items we want to buy because on sale day it will be extremely busy. OK. We promised to show up a day before. After that he called me at work 3 times (It was very annoying considering the fact that I had meetings with upper management), he called to my girlfriend at work 2 or 3 times.

Long story short: we showed up in the store and asked the guy what would be the sale price for the items we choose. Guess what? The...



By: non-member | April 23, 2016

The sales staff that helped us were great. They were friendly and accommodating, the delivery guys were also friendly and helpful. That's where the good part ends. The products that were delivered were defective, our mattress was sunk in and bulging out on the left side, the couch had 2 legs that had issues. The first broke when the delivery guys were setting it up, mind you an easier fix as the screw came out of the wood, the other leg however was sticking out the side of the couch. The wood on that side of the couch was not made correctly as it was not aligned and instead of a straight line of wood down the side of the couch it was inwards resulting in a curved angle and the leg stuck way out. The 'technician' came and took pictures. The love seat also had an issue with a leg sticking out the side of the couch. We were told in 3-4 days to call the store to find out the status on the repairs/replacements of the couch and love seat. When my spouse called to enquire and...